{QST} Hacking Sony RPTVs with TopSpot or Powerball?

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Re: {QST} Hacking Sony RPTVs with TopSpot or Powerball?

Message par Fufunka » 24 mars 2007, 16:16

Hi guys, pls. allow for a non french speaking user to post overhere:

This is perhaps post for Leeperry and other pros in this area.
There is a new Sony KDF-50E2010 line of affordable 50" rear projection TVs (RPTVs) with high resolution native 1280x768 3x lcd system. So, I'm wondering what are the chances that the lamp could be hacked to longer lasting
lamps such as BLV-TopSpot or Powerball?

http://www.sony.cz/res/flash/flashfile/ ... 026134.xml
You can check out this Sony promo video for the RPTV, 1st option for broadband wait or forward it to 3:17s time stamp and you can see the lamp assembly they are using. They also mentioned the consumption of the enitre TV
to be 150-200W so the lamp is definately no bigger than 150W..

We will have to wait some time before these lamp assemblies pop up at ebay to start actual tests
but we can source some information beforehand.

Thanks for any comments

Links for this RPTV in action:

http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthre ... mp;page=27


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